Mind-full Nutrition

We seek to eat well to live well, we are searching to live an enjoyable life rich in all things good.

Every day, the nutritional world serves us a new plate full of freshly baked information. Often, this information is difficult to digest and to make sense of. Bombarded with facts and confused about what to eat, we lose track of our inner nutritionist. We begin to question what is healthy and safe to put on our plates…

Unlike most people in the world of nutrition, I consider the eater at least as important as their food, if not more so.  My fascination with eaters started long before I studied nutrition and my work in this area has always been much more focused on the eater than on food.

I’ve never gone on a single diet in my life. Outside of therapeutic purposes, I have a hard time believing that they are for real.

In fact, I don't believe in diets.

From my professional perspective, food – any food –  tends to be a pretty neutral thing most of the time. When it comes to nutrition, I do believe in balance and variety. In the adage that 'the amount makes the poison'. 

For me, it is the eater, with their complex body, mind and heart that gives significance to any food and has the ability – or not – to transform it into fuel for life.

How this transformation occurs depends largely on the intricateness of the eater, a creature with many hungers at many levels.

The best nutrition doesn’t take place at level of the stomach; it begins in the mind.

The impact that thoughts, emotions, pleasure, and relaxation has on our physiology and metabolism and, in particular, on our capacity to ingest, digest, absorb, and assimilate nutrients, is too often disregarded by many nutritionists. Too much emphasis is placed on the food itself - on its nutritional and caloric content, and/or on a diet created around a particular element. More often than not, the eater is nowhere to be seen. 

I believe wholeheartedly too that 

our relationship with food reflects our
relationship with life.

It is from within the spectrum of this relationship that much can be learned about eaters and by eaters - what do they hungry for and what truly feeds them. My approach is nourishment based and goes a step deeper on the scale of good nutrition. Nourishment is food with content at the body, mind and heart levels and encompasses much more than just food.  

Mind-full nutrition is nutrition which is
'full of mind'
yet so mindful too!

Mind-full nutrition is a rich combination of my studies on mind-body nutrition and dynamic eating psychology, intuitive eating and natural nutrition, areas in which I am certified to work - and my extensive research into neuro and multisensory sciences. These are fascinating areas I am passionate and enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge with others - through my talks and my writing - in ways that are considered inspiring and life changing by those who have attended my events.

Interested to learn more about mind-full nutrition and to gain a completely new perspective on food and life? I invite you to join one of my Food Clubs, events or to be inspired by one of my articles!

 Passion is definitely contagious and I hope you catch mine!


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