Zaira Zarotti 04For many years, I longed to belong to a group of like-minded individuals. A place where we could share our passion for all things food.  I looked everywhere for one… but I never found it. So in the end I created one: Ju’s Food Club!

At Ju’s Food Club, we cook what I call 'food with content': delicious, natural, fresh, simple, pure, nutrient-dense, organic, healthy meals.

This means no processed ingredients; we cook from scratch - a laborious job. This is exactly what ‘food with content’ demands from us: a lot of love, passion, intimacy with the task, dedication, patience, and reckless abandon - especially when enjoying the fruits of our labour.

As I have a penchant for gourmet food, what we cook must taste divine, look divine, and make us feel divine too!

All the dishes that we cook together are carefully selected to ensure that we shine. All of them are aimed at promoting health, optimising body balance, and cherishing and nourishing our bodies.

Perhaps due to my background and the fact that I have lived in five different countries, the dishes often have a fusion quality to them. None of them are taken from cook books, although we sometimes use these as a source of inspiration. Cooking together like this is great fun, as we have plenty of space to be creative and take risks!

Ju's Food Club is not only about 
cooking and eating together though.
This is what makes it different than any other cooking club on earth: 
we talk about food and the eater and listen to what others have to say about it too.

We talk about food - nutrition wise and otherwise! We talk about the eater too! We delve into the nutritional and nourishing aspects of the food we cook together - the effects that each ingredient has on our physical, mental and emotional well-being. And discuss in depth their pairing, synergy, and macro- and micronutrient content. There is also plenty of opportunity for engaging into food styling and mind-full gastronomy:

how to make ordinary dishes extra-ordinary
and how to create the perfect ambiance for a memorable meal.

We also listen to some awesome people who have much to share about their passion for food with us. These are guests that I carefully select from my large network of people involved in nutrition. Above all, we explore and enjoy the many colours of the incredible, magical food rainbow! 

Each of Ju’s Food Club sessions has room for up to 10 participants. We meet 12 times per year (not necessarily every month) and on a fixed day of the week. The dates are fixed at the beginning of each year. You are, in principle, committed to the group for the duration of that year, although you can still opt out before the third gathering. The final gathering of each year is party time: we get together and cook something special for our loved oned!

Each food club is an on-going yearly culinary and nutritional adventure.
It can be seen as a long-term space
for sharing knowledge and learning about food and nutrition.

If you are interested in joining one of my food clubs, please visit the 'event section' to see what is on offer at any particular time. 

Life is made of many flavours, some of which are quite irresistible… 
And food is certainly one of them!


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